5 Membership Sites That Give You More Than Just Membership

Are you looking for something to do on a weekend afternoon? Or maybe you’re looking for an activity to keep you busy during the week? If so, check out some of these five membership sites that offer a variety of features, including classes, exhibitions, and programs.

What are the five membership sites mentioned in the article?

Skillshare, CityLab, Science World, the Museum of Fine Arts, and Museums are all membership sites that offer more than just membership. Each site offers different features, including classes, exhibitions, and programs.

2.What are the features offered by each site?


One of the features offered by Skillshare is their wide range of classes and programs. This includes creative writing and photography as well as classes that focus on specific areas of knowledge.


CityLab provides a wealth of information for urban dwellers. This includes everything from history to events happening in the city to getting around the city. In addition, CityLab has blog posts, articles, and podcasts that provide detailed information on a variety of topics.

Science World:

Science World offers exhibits that aim to teach children about science and mathematics. Some of the exhibits featured at Science World include “Lightning in a Bottle” and “The Great Human Centipede”. Science World also has a blog that provides updates about new exhibits and events.

Museum of Fine Arts:

The Museum of Fine Arts offers an extensive collection of artworks from around the world. This includes paintings, sculptures, prints, and mosaics. The Museum also offers programs that focus on specific artists or periods of art history.

3.How do the sites compare?

Each of the five membership sites mentioned in the article offers its own unique features and services.

Skillshare is a site that offers both online and offline classes. You can take any number of classes, from beginner level to expert level, and even choose which subjects you want to learn about. There are also many workshops and projects available, as well as a library of instructional materials.

CityLab is a site focused on urban issues. It provides information on topics such as transportation, housing, economics, and health. There are both online and offline resources available, as well as a forum where you can ask questions and chat with other CityLab users.

Science World is a site focused on science education. It has collections of educational materials, including videos, articles, and instructional tools. You can explore the site’s content either by topic or by category.

The Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) offers members access to its extensive collection of artworks and artifacts. You can browse through the museum’s galleries or explore its interactive learning spaces. In addition to regular exhibitions, MFA also offers rotating exhibits that focus on a certain topic or artist.

In conclusion, all five of the membership sites mentioned in the article offer something unique and valuable to their users. They all offer great value for money, have wide ranges of content, and are comparably priced.

The five membership sites mentioned in the article offer a variety of features and benefits that are sure to appeal to a variety of users. Skillshare, CityLab, Science World, and the Museum of Fine Arts all offer a variety of classes, exhibitions, and programs that are sure to find something of interest to everyone.

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